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The photos below are just a few of our many

happy and satisfied Brides & Grooms

on their Wedding Day!



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you so much for the spectacular
          job you did for our wedding.  You were
          wonderful!  You're the best!
                Love, Fran & Bryant





                              Dear Fran,
                                    Thank you so much for making the
                              most important day of my life so special.
                              What can I say, Fran you are great!
                                    With Love, Rosanne & Robert





          To Fran Diamond & The Hits,
               We could never thank you enough
          for the fantastic job that you did for our
          wedding!  To this very day we are still 
          hearing from our guests about you!
          Thanks for making our wedding very
                Love, Christine & Craig





                              Dear Fran Diamond & The Hits,
                                    Thank you for the fabulous job that 
                              you did at our wedding.  We loved you
                              and so did everyone else.  Our guests
                              raved over you.  I wish we could do it
                              again!  Thank you for letting our brothers
                              do "Rocky Raccoon" too.  We love you!
                                    Love, Craig & Lisa




          Dear Fran,
                Words cannot express how thankful
          we are to you and your group.  Due to
          your extreme talent, warm personality
          and charisma, our wedding reception
          was a huge success.  To this day, when
          we watch our wedding video, we cannot
          believe that constant crowd on the dance
          floor.  We also extremely appreciate the
          night we went to your home before the
          wedding.  It was so nice of you to take
          time out of your busy schedule to go over
          our reception with us.  We wish you and
                                                                             "The Hits" much success.  Thanks again!!
                                                                                   Love, Richard & Laura


                              Dear Fran,
                                    What can we say.  You and "The Hits"
                              were fabulous.  Rich and I both appreciate
                              all your help.  You really made our wedding
                                    Love, Anne & Rich




          Dear Fran,
                Thank you for making our wedding
          day a hit!  You did a great job in making
          our family and friends have a "FUN" day!
          We won't forget you!
                Love, Buzz & Doreen





                    Dear Fran,
                          Just a note to thank you for the great
                    job you did for us at our wedding and for
                    spending so much time with us preparing
                    all the dedications.  Everything worked out
                    perfect.  My family, friends and all my guests
                    had a great time, thanks to you!  Keep up
                    the good work.
                          Doug & Alicia



          Dear Fran Diamond & The Hits,
                Words cannot describe how we feel
          for the wonderful job you and your band
          did for our wedding.  From the cocktail
          hour, right to the very end goodbye,
          everything was absolutely perfect!  If we
          had a wedding every year for the next
          fifty years, there is no one else I'd want
          to play at our wedding!
                Love always, Debbie & Nick



                    Dear Fran Diamond & The Hits,
                          How can we express how pleased we
                    were with your performance at our wedding
                    celebration?  By telling you we feel your
                    performance was flawless.  Your enthusiasm
                    was felt by all our guests.  Your musical
                    talents & expertise will remain in our
                    memories for many years to come.  You
                    really helped to make our "celebration of
                    love" a day that will remain in the minds of
                    all our friends & relatives who danced and
                    sang to your melodies of love!  Thank you
                    all again!!
                          Fondly, Lina & Michael


          Dear Fran & Band,
                Remember us?  We just wanted to
          thank you for the wonderful job you
          did to make our wedding a blast!  Our
          friends and family are always telling us
          how much fun our wedding was.  We
          recently got our video back and you
          could see that people could not sit down.
          You come highly recommended by us!
                Thanks again, Rich & JoAnn 




                    Dear Fran,
                          We both can't thank you enough for the
                    wonderful job you and your band did.  You
                    made our wedding an unforgettable day.
                    You were wonderful!  Thank you again.
                          Love, Billy & Felicia




          Dear Fran & Band,
                We want to thank you for making
          our wedding day so very special.  The
          music was really great and it made the
          day very enjoyable.  Our guests really
          had a great time and they all had good
          things to say about your band.  We are
          so happy you were able to be a part of
          one of the happiest days of our lives
          together.  We thank you for all your
          help and for making our day very
          memorable.  We'll be in touch.
                All our Love, Joy & Paul


                    Dear Fran,
                          In spite of all the time that has passed,
                    we have not forgotten the fabulous job that
                    you did.  We have beautiful memories of
                    our wedding day and we have you to thank
                    for it.  You helped make our wedding day
                    a big success.  You will always be in our
                    thoughts and we wish you much success
                    with the band!
                          Sincerely, Amy & Jim 


                You and the band did such a
          wonderful job.  Everyone commented
          on how good the band was and what
          a good time they had.  Thank you for
                James & Barbara




                    Dear Fran,
                          You did a wonderful job at our
                    wedding and all of our guests loved
                    your music.  Thank you very much.
                          David & Amy




          Dear Fran Diamond & The Hits,
                Thank you all so very much
          for your wonderful entertainment!
          Without you all, our wedding would
          have not been so memorable!  All the
          guests remarked on how well your
          performance was.  You all made our
          wedding, what a wedding should be!
          Thank you all again so very much!
          You will be highly recommended!
                Love, Sandra & Robert



                    Dear Fran,
                          Thank you for making our wedding the
                    great success that it was.  The compliments
                    on your band never stopped.  We made an
                    excellent choice and recommend you to
                    everyone.  Also, it was a pleasure to work
                    with your personable touch.  We feel like
                    we've known you all our lives.  Please keep
                    in touch. 
                          Love, Lisa & Michael


          Fran & Gang,
                Sam, myself, Lisa & Michael
          would like to thank you again for a
          spectacular "bring the house down"
          job done at their wedding reception.
          Not only was the music enjoyed by
          young, middle, and old alike, but your
          presentation and professionalism is
          equally exceptional.  The compliments
          and rave reviews from our guests
          were uncountable.  The video said it all!
          (The dance floor was always mobbed)
          We also appreciated your personal
                                                                                         touch and friendship we created.
                                                                                         Please keep in touch.  
                                                                                               Sam, Diane, Lisa and Michael  

                    Dear Fran,
                          Laughter, tears, joy and contentment
                    were all brought together with the brilliant
                    music you provided for us during our special
                    day.  We will remember you always!
                          Love, Frank & JoAnn




          Dear Fran Diamond & The Hits,
                Thank you so very much for
          making our wedding so exciting.
          I can't begin to tell you how many
          compliments we got for "such a
          terrific and energetic band!"  I'm so
          happy that I'll get to see you at my
          sister-in-laws wedding in March.
          The whole family can't wait to see
          you perform again.  Thank you
          again for making our wedding so
          wonderful.  Best of luck to you
          and the band always!
                                                                                                                    Love, David & Karen



                    Dear Fran Diamond & The Hits,
                          We can't thank you enough for making
                    our wedding so wonderful.  The band was
                    fantastic and every song was wonderful.
                    Everyone was such a pleasure to work with
                    and extremely accommodating.  Thank you
                    tremendously for being a part of our special
                    wedding memories.  Again, we can't thank
                    you enough.
                          Best wishes, Joi & Slavic



          Dear Fran and All,
                Fran, you promised us nothing but
          the best, and you delivered absolutely
          nothing but the best for us the day of our
          wedding.  You and the band were Great!
          Everyone had a blast and had nothing
          but wonderful things to say.  Your band
          made our wedding an absolutely
          wonderful occasion.  Thank you again.
                Love, Nicole & Bobby



                    To Fran and The Hits,
                          Marilyn and I want to thank you
                    from the bottom of our hearts.  You guys
                    went above and beyond.  We truly had the
                    best wedding ever, and you guys made it
                    all possible.  We have gotten so many
                    compliments on the band, you can't
                    imagine.  Thanks again!
                          Love, Joe & Marilyn



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you for taking part in our
          wedding celebration.  Everyone had a
          fabulous time.  You and the band kept
          everyone going all night.  You all did
          a great job!  Thank you so much!
                Love, Rick & Beth



                    Dear Fran,
                          What can I say?  Thank you so
                    much for making the most incredible night
                    of my life so special!  Also, I'd like to thank
                    you for putting up with me.  I know what a
                    pain I was.  Thank you for being so warm
                    and making Scott and me so comfortable.
                    We won't ever forget you!
                          Sincerely, Alison & Scott



          Dearest Fran,
                Thank you so much for making our
          reception special.  Everyone had a great
          time!  I wish I could get married again (to
          mike, of course) so I could hire you guys
          again! Thank you for being so sweet and
          taking care of everything.  We really
          appreciate it.  Hope to see you again
          in the future!
                Love, Karen & Mike


                    Dear Fran & Company,
                          Dennis & I would like to thank you
                    for making our Special Day the special
                    day it was.  Fran, I know you put a lot of
                    time & extra effort in creating all the music 
                    selections.  It was fabulous!  Everyone was
                    dancing and happy.  Your band is very
                    professional.  Each member extended good
                    wishes and said good night.  Again, thank
                    you for everything.  We truly enjoyed our
                    wedding.  Love to you & your band.
                          Love, Deborah & Dennis



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you and your band for such an
          amazing and memorable night!!  From the
          moment you all started playing, through
          the end of the reception, the entire party
          was dancing.  I can't begin to tell you how
          many people have told us "you were the
          best band they've heard!!"  You said you
          would give us a wonderful time..And you
          did!  While watching our wedding video,
          we got to re-live the fun you all created!  
          Hands down, you were the best band and
          we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you!!!!
                                                                                                           Thanks again, Vivian & Greg


                          What can we say about you & your
                    band!  You guys were wonderful and
                    everyone at the wedding had nothing
                    but great things to say about the music.
                    Thank you too for learning & playing my
                    request "Two Less Lonely People In The
                    World".  It was beautiful.  You made our
                    day even more special.  If you ever need a
                    referral or reference, we are there for you.
                    Thanks so much.  Best of luck to you.
                          Sincerely, Audrey & Nick 


          Dear Fran & the Band,
                Thank you so much for making
          our wedding so special. Your band
          was professional and sounded terrific.
          We received many compliments on the
          music.  Your attention to detail was much
          appreciated. Thanks for making it possible
          for John and I to dance the night away.
                Love, John & Michele



                          Michael and I can't thank you
                    enough for the outstanding performance.
                    Our guests are still talking about what a
                    fabulous band we had.  Although my dad
                    is out of daughters to plan weddings for,
                    we promise to recommend you to all of
                    our friends.  Thank you again for helping to
                    make our wedding such a wonderful day!
                          Erica & Michael



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you for making our wedding
          day an awesome party to remember!  Our
          family and friends are still talking about
          what a great time they had and about the
          outrageous band.  My nephews want to
          play guitar and drums now.  Also, for
          extending your hand in my ever changing
          mind with music selections and of course for
          learning a "Kiss" song, Wow! You're the best!
                Love, Audra & Greg



                    Dear Fran & your Orchestra,
                          Thank you so very much for your
                    wonderful music.  We had such a great time
                    at our wedding.  Our families and friends
                    enjoyed themselves dancing up a storm,
                    thanks to your musical talents.  We hope
                    we'll get to enjoy more of your music down
                    the road sometime.  Thank you for being an
                    important part of our wedding reception.
                          Nancy & Scott


          Fran & the Gang,
                Thank you so much!  We can't
          thank you all enough for the wonderful
          performance you gave at our wedding!
          You guys made the party!  Our family &
          friends are still talking about the fabulous
          band who played at our wedding!  From
          the moment we booked you, we felt
          completely calm and comfortable with
          our decision, but you surpassed our
          expectations!  Thank you so much!
                Love, Michael & Laurie



          Dear Fran,
                          We wanted to thank you so
                    much for being so helpful through
                    out the planning process of our
                    wedding & for making our wedding
                    unforgettable!  We are still getting
                    compliments on how great the music
                    was.  Thank you so much again, we
                    really appreciate it! 
                          Love, Ian & Joelle



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you for a wonderful
          performance.  You guys really
          rocked the house!  Best wishes
                The "new" Mr. & Mrs. Boyd



                     Dear Fran,
                          Thank you for being
                     part of our Wedding.
                     You guys did a great
                     job!  Aram says he 
                     can't wait to see this
                     thank you on your 
                     website.  Here's to
                     setting the tone!
                          Love, Aram & Lara



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you for
          putting in such an
          abundance of "Heart"...
          into our big day!  You
          are the best!  You were
          all awesome!  Thank
          you for everything!
                Love always,
                       Jen & Frank



Dear Fran,
      Thank you for being
with us for our long
awaited Wedding.  But
more than that, thank you
Fran for our gift of Music!
You guys were perfect as
      All our love,
            Terry & Kevin



          Dear Fran,
                Thank you so much for helping to make
          our Wedding better than we ever imagined.
          You were extremely accommodating &
          kind.  And along with being a pleasure to
          work with, your band was Outstanding!
          I swear, we felt as if a record was playing
          & not actually a live band!  You kept us
          dancing all night & that was our biggest
          fear!  You guys really made it a great
          Wedding....a perfect Wedding.
                With Love,  Jess & Josh Paster




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